Infant Incubator BI-3000/BI-1000/BI-800




Model BI-3000 BI-1000 BI-800
Canopy Specifications
Mattress (canopy) 450mm 450mm 450mm
Access Port 6 (2 Iris ports) 6 (2 Iris ports) 4 (2 Iris ports)
Self-sealing Tube Ports 4 4 2
Front Access Panel 826x310mm 826x310mm 826x310mm
Mattress Tray Size 630x360mm 630x360mm 630x360mm
Technical Specifications
Temperature Mode (Servo Controlled) air, infant air, infant air
Air Temperature Adjustment Range 20°C~37°C, 37~39°C 20°C~37°C, 37~39°C 20°C~37°C
Infant Temperature Adjustment Range 30°C~37°C, 37~38°C 30°C~37°C, 37~38°C N/A
Infant Sensor Accuracy ≤0.3°C ≤0.3°C N/A
Relative Humidity Display Range 5%~99% N/A N/A
Temperature Fluctuation ≤0.5°C ≤0.5°C ≤0.5°C
Uniformity of Mattress Temperature ≤0.8°C ≤0.8°C ≤0.8°C
Time to Warm Up ≤30 min ≤30 min ≤30 min
Noise Level within Canopy ≤55dB ≤55dB ≤55dB
Power Failure Alarm Yes Yes Yes
Fan Failure Alarm Yes Yes Yes
Sensor Failure Alarm Yes Yes Yes
Air Temperature Deviation Alarm ±3.0°C ±3.0°C ±3.0°C
Infant Temperature Deviation Alarm ±1.0°C ±1.0°C N/A
Air Temperature Exceeds set Limit Alarm ≤38.0°C; ≤40.0°C ≤38.0°C; 40.0°C ≤38.0°C
Infant Temperature Exceeds set Limit alarm ≤38.0°C; ≤39.0°C ≤38.0°C; 39.0°C N/A
System Failure Alarm Yes Yes N/A
Mute Alarm Function Yes Yes N/A
Operational Environment
Temperature within Operational Environment +20°C~+30°C +20°C~+30°C +20°C~+30°C
Relative Humidity within Operational Environment 5%~99% 5%~99% 5%~99%
Velocity of Air Flow within Operational Environment <0.3m/s <0.3m/s <0.3m/s
Other Specifications
RS-232 connector Yes Yes N/A
Tilt of Infant Bed (Adjustment Range) ±10° step-less ±10° step-less N/A
Maximum Load of Mattress Tray 5kg 5kg 5kg
Maximum Load of IV Stand 2kg 2kg 2kg
Maximum Load of Cabinet 6kg 6kg N/A


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