Anesthesia Machine AM832

Advanced Control Technology, Classic Design Alloy Material, High Temperature Spray, High Quality & Technology ventilator.



Advanced Control Technology, Classic Design Alloy Material, High Temperature Spray, High Quality & Technology ventilator, Patient type: Adult, pediatric. Driven mode: Pneumatic control electrical control Display: 4.2″ TFT color display Ventilation mode: IPPV, STANDBY, SIGH, Manual Tidal volume: 50mL to 1500mL Respiratory frequency: 6 to 60bpmI:E ratio: 1:1 to 1:4 Upper airway pressure limit: 1 to 8kPa Lower airway pressure limit: 0 to 2kPa Tidal volume: 50mL to 1500mL Silence time for alarm: ≤ 120s Monitoring parameters: Tidal volume, Respiratory frequency, Airway pressure Alarm parameters: Airway pressure limit, oxygen supply failure, Power supply failure Safety valve pressure limit: ≤ 6kPaPower supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1%.



  • Dimension: 1350mm (H)*560mm (W) *620mm (D)
  • Weight:  85 kg
  • Display: 5.6 inch LCD screen
  • Casters: Four anti-static casters with diameter 100mm, the front two are with brakes

Electronic Specification

  • Power input: 100~240V, 50/60 HZ
  • Power Consumption: <= 50VA
  • Top light
  • Backlight at flowmeter

Pneumatic Specification

  • Pipeline : O2, N2O and Reserved O2
  • Yoke (optional) : 1 x O2, 1 x N2O
  • Pressure gauge : 2 for pipeline gas; 2 for cylinder gas (optional)
  • Flowmeter : O2 & N2O; Mechanical 4 tubes; O2 & N2O linkage and N2O cutoff system
  • O2 : 0~1L/Min, 1~10L/Min
  • N2O : 0~1L/Min, 1~10L/Min
  • O2 flush : 25-75L/min
  • Operational modes : Closed and Semi-closed circuit system
  • APL valve : 0,19~6KPa
  • Manual (Bag) / Mechanical ventilation switch : By-stable type, switch between manual/spontaneous ventilation and ventilator
  • ACGO connector : ISO 22mm OD and 15mm ID


  • One or Dual positions
  • Mounting: Fixed or tool-free installation Selected manifold interlocks and isolates vaporizers
  • Agent type: Sevoflurane, Halothane, isoflurane and Enflurane
  • Filling type: Pour-fill, Easy-fill, Quick-fill or Key-fill
  • Compensation: Flow, pressure, and temperature compensation

Ventilator Specification

  • Type & Drive mode: Integrated Electronically-controlled pneumatically-driven ventilator
  • Patient: Pediatric and adult
  • Ventilation mode: IPPV, IPPB, SIGH, MAMUAL/Spontaneous
  • Tidal Volume: 50~1500ml
  • Frequency: 0~100bpm
  • I:E ratio: 1:10~10:1
  • Pmax: 8Kpa
  • Pmin:0~2Kpa
  • PEEP(optional): Mechanical type


  • Tidal volume: 0~2000ml
  • Pressure: -2~10Kpa
  • Frequency : 0~120bpm
  • Waveform : P-T
  • FiO2 (optional) : 21%~100%


  • Upper airway pressure limit
  • Lower airway pressure limit


  • More accurate, Safer and More Convenient
  • CE marked, meet EU clinical requirements
  • ISO quality guarantee
  • Suitable for adult and pediatric
  • Pin-Index for N2O/O2 Cylinder
  • Integrated high temperature sterilization and CO2 absorber system
  • Newly-developed reliable gas system


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