About Medical Equipment Nigeria

Medical Equipment Nigeria was born out of the desire to provide best technologies, products and services to the Health / safety sector. Every day, the pace of getting things done is changing to higher speed; process and procedures are going the way of light speed and so the same change in speed is needed to get the support for these activities. Medical services are not excluded from this changing world and so Medical Equipment Nigeria is providing this real-time support to everyone in this sector within the sub-region.

We are Located at 14 Fadeyi Aladura Street, Ikeja-Lagos State. We also have sale representatives in the diifferent zones in Nigeria

We are now made up of scientists, Pharmacists, medical practitioners, Engineers and othe professionals who are very interested in delivering the best quality in technology to the sectors.

To be the best provider of innovative technology with real time support

We support you with the best technology per time and continually keep you abreast of current and leading innovations and protocols

Our Customers comprise of the Universities, Educational institutions, medical institutions, teaching hospitals, private hospitals, regulatory bodies, manufacturing companies, and NGOs, etc.

We partner with various manufacturers, distributors, scientists and professionals from countries around the world to provide comprehensive solutions to customer’s needs.

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