Dispensing Booth / Sampling Booth / Weighing Booth

The Dispensing Booth / Sampling Booth / Weighing Booth is used as a safe space for weighing and sampling active, pharmaceutical material. It consists of a work and service space. The work area is equipped with air conditioning for safe air extraction.




1. Automatic changeable frequency system monitors the air velocity to ensure its stability in the working area.
2. Differential pressure gauge is equipped to monitor the filters in real-time .
3. Unique designed air duct effectively controls the noise.
4. Uniform flow design of main working area protects the operators and prevents environmental pollution and cross contamination of products.
5. Intelligent control mode and alarm system ensure the reliability of running.
6. Smooth transitions of wall and ground can eliminate the blind angle.
7. Humanized design simplifies the operation of all kinds of filters.


Rated air volume (m³ /h) 4500
Supply wind speed (m/s) 0.45~0.5
Rated power (Kw) 8.3 (including spare socket)
Noise (dB(A)) ≤75
Illumination (LX) ≥500
power supply AC380V, 3φ, 50Hz
control Touch key switch control
Control mode Wind speed detection automatic frequency conversion system
Pre-filter Efficiency G4, non-woven fabric
Medium efficiency filter Efficiency F8, bag type
High efficiency filter Efficiency H13, combined type without partition


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