Portable Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. It helps diagnose the causes of pain, swelling and infection in the body’s internal organs and to examine an unborn child (fetus) in pregnant women. In infants, doctors commonly use ultrasound to evaluate the brain, hips, and spine.




  • 12 inch HD Medical color Screen
  • English &Chinese Language Switch
  • Two Active Probe Connector
  • Automatic Probe Identification
  • Built-in Chargeable Li-ion Battery

Based on advanced design concepts and technological innovation, the equipment has intelligent operating system, abundant software measurement packages, convenient and quick measurement methods and humanized design, improving the efficiency and accuracy of doctors’ diagnosis.


Wide range transducer family

  • High frequency linear transducer for superficial organs
  • Stainless steel needle-guided brackets for trans-vaginal transducer

Excellent general imaging

  • Professional clinical measurement packages cover complete clinical applications
  • Specific report templates with anatomical graphics for clinical applications

Intelligent workflow

  • P20‘s lightweight laptop design permits easy transportation and storage.
  • Equipped with its slim cart, the P20is flexible and ideal for bedside examinations.

Regular version

  • Standard with one abdominal probe
  • Double socket
  • One battery included
  • High voltage version
  • Comes standard with a dual socket for the abdominal probe
  • One battery included
  • Clearer images


Model US-HS50A
Display 12.1 inch LCD color display
Perimeter and area  measured deviation (%) ≤±20%
Standby time ≥2 hour
Input power AC220V±22V,1.5A
Gross weight About6.2 Kg
Host weight About 5.5 Kg
Dimensions(L×W×H) 310 ×338 × 76 mm
Display mode B;B/B;4B;B +M;M
Zoom 2 times
Dynamic range 0~120db adjustable
Gray scale 256 levels
Measuring function Distance, circumference/area(method of ellipse,method of loci) ,volume,heart rate,etc.
Gain control 8segments TGC and overall gain can be adjusted respectively
Image polarity Left and right flip; up and down flip
Image playback Series playback or check one by one
Storage 128 images
Interface USB


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