Infant Incubator BI-5000




● Power requirement:AC220V-230V/50Hz or AC110-120V/50-60Hz, 1300VA

● Control Mode: air mode &baby mode controlled by micro-computer

● Air Temperature Control Range:25°C-37°C (override mode 37-39°C)

● Infant Temperature Control Range:34-37°C (override mode 37-38°C)

● Accuracy of Skin Temperature Sensor: ±0.2°C

● The temperature difference between displayed incubator temperature and average incubator

temperature (under steady temperature condition): ≤0.5°C

● Temperature Uniformity: ≤0.8°C(when mattress is in horizontal position)

● Failure Alarms: over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, motorized fan failed alarm,

power failure alarm, sensor box position alarm, tank position alarm, system alarm and many others.

● Humidity Display Range: 0%RH~99%RH

● Humidity Control Range: 0%RH~90%RH

● Accuracy of Humidity Display:±5%RH (when environment temperature is 25oC, environment humidity is45%RH±5%RH)

● Inclination of Bassinet: ±8°

● Noise Level within Canopy: ≤45dB(A)

● Indication Range of Oxygen Concentration: 0%~99%

● Control Range of Oxygen Concentration: 20%~60%

● Accuracy of Oxygen Display Concentration: ±2% (when oxygen concentration is set ≤25%),

±3% (when oxygen concentration is set >25%)

● Accuracy of Oxygen Control Concentration: ±4%

● Weight Range:100-8000g (scale)

● Resolution for weight indication: 1g increments (scale)

● Accuracy of Scale: ±1% (scale)


Standard Configuration:

● Infant Compartment

● Main Unit: Vertical Height Adjustment (VHA) stand, controller, IV stand and shelf



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