XM100/XM101A/XM101C/XM101D High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment

Model: XM100, XM101A, XM101C, XM101D

Power Output: 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5kW

Frequency: 50kHz

X-ray Tube; 1.5




Model XM100 XM101A XM101C XM101D
Power Output 2.5kW 3.5kW 5kW
Frequency 50kHz
X-ray Tube 1.5
Tube Voltage 40~100kV (interval 1kV)
Tube Current 40~49kV, 50mA, 1~160mAs 40~49kV, 63mA, 1~125mAs 40~49kV, 100mA, 1~180mAs
50~59kV, 42mA, 1~160mAs 50~59kV, 55mA, 1~110mAs 50~59kV, 77mA, 1~140mAs
60~69kV, 36mA, 1~140mAs 60~69kV, 45mA, 1~90mAs 60~69kV, 64mA, 1~125mAs
70~79kV, 31mA, 1~125mAs 70~79kV, 40mA, 1~80mAs 70~79kV, 55mA, 1~110mAs
80~89kV, 28mA, 1~100mAs 80~89kV, 36mA, 1~71mAs 80~89kV, 49mA, 1~100mAs
90~100kV, 25mA, 1~80mAs 90~99kV, 32mA, 1~63mAs 90~99kV, 44mA, 1~80mAs
100~110kV, 20mA, 1~40mAs 100~109kV, 32mA, 1~63mAs
110~120kV, 25mA, 1~50mAs
mAs 1.0~160mAs (45 steps) 1.0~125mAs (43 steps) 1.0~180mAs (46 steps)
Power Supply 220V±10% 50Hz   inner-resistance: ≤1.0Ω
Operation Method Wire & Wireless control
Built-in Battery No No No Yes


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