Gas Chromatography Mass spectrometry

Gas Chromatography Mass spectrometry is gas chromatography instrument coupled with mass analyzer for precise separation and detection of analytes or chemical substance from mixture of compounds.



The column withstands high temperature range + 4 ? ~ 450 ? for separation of volatile and thermally stable compounds. The quadrupole analyzer along with an electron multiplier provides optimum sensitivity and specificity of the instrument.

• Simultaneous analysis of varied analytes
• Mass analyzer metal quadrupole with pre-filter
• Mechanical and molecular vacuum pump ensures high stability
• Full scan and Selective Ion Monitory (SIM) mode available
• Supports Manual and Automatic tuning

It is used for separation and detection of thermally stable chemical compounds mainly in areas like Environmental monitoring, Food and technology, Pharmaceutical drug testing, forensic department, Biological Analysis, Geochemical Research etc.


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