Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer (POCT)

Equipped with the latest medical and technological innovations, we have invented a state-of-the-art portable automatic biochemistry analyzer BK-120D which provides a better, quicker and accurate diagnosis for blood analysis.




1.Little Sample Volume Required
Sample volume needed is 1/10-1/20 of traditional chemistry analyzer.

2.Easy to Carry
The portable analyzer is designed to save space, use it anywhere anytime.

3.Less Maintenance
No consumables needed such as tubes, pump, valve etc., saving your maintenance expenses.

4.Accurate Result
Using the photoelectric colorimetric principle, the BK-120D analyzer has many advantages versus traditional dry biochemistry analyzer using the light refection method. Dilution of test sample is guaranteed without random errors and cross contaminations.


Technical Parameters

Model SMT-120
Sample Volume 90-120ul
Barcode QR code
Testing Time 12mins/sample
Controlling Temperature 37±0.2℃
Resolution 0.001Abs
Absorbance 0-3.0Abs
Sample Type Anti-coagulation whole blood, serum and plasma
QC &Calibration IQC Intelligent QC
Working Condition Temperature: 10-32℃; Humidity: <85%
Testing Principle Absorbance spectroscopy, transmission turbidimetry
Testing Method End point, kinetic, fixed time, turbidimetry, etc.
Light Source 12V/20W, Halogen tungsten lamp, life span over 2500h
Power Supply AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Power 105W
Display 6.5 inches touch screen
Storage 4G, 100.000 results
Print Built-in thermal printer
Connector 2 USB ports
Packing Size 345*315*405 mm
Gross Weight 6.85 KGS



Reagent Menu

(7 Chemistry Profiles with Different Parameters in One Solution)

The test kit consists of freeze-dried reagent beads, diluent and QR code.

Single use with 12 months lifespan(2-8℃ storage temperature).

Reagent Name Test Items
General Chemistry Kit ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, CREA, GLU, GGT, TB, TC, TG. TP, UA, UREA, GLOB, U/C, A/G
Health Check Kit ALB, ALT, AMY, AST, Ca, CK, CREA, GLU, PHOS, TB, TG, TP, UREA, GLOB, U/C, A/G
Liver Function Kit ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, CHE, GGT, TBA, TB, TP, GLOB, A/G
Renal Function Kit ALB, Ca, CREA, GLU, PHOS, CO2, UA, UREA, U/C
Electrolyte Kit Ca, Cl-, K+, Mg2+, Na+, PHOS, CO2,
Cardiac Kit AST, CK, HBDH, LDH


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