XM112/XM112E High Frequency C-arm Radiography System

Model: XM112, XM112E

Fluoroscopic Capacity : Power Output; 40kV~110kV,40kV~120kV

Tube Current (For Radiography): 20~63mA, 20~100mA

Fluoroscopy: Automatic/Manual: 40kV~110kV/0.3~4mA, Automatic/Manual: 40kV~120kV/0.3~4mA



Product Description


Model XM112 XM112E
Fluoroscopic Capacity  
Power Output 40kV~110kV 40kV~120kV
Tube Current (For Radiography) 20~63mA 20~100mA
Fluoroscopy Automatic/Manual: 40kV~110kV/0.3~4mA Automatic/Manual: 40kV~120kV/0.3~4mA
Pulse: 40kV~110kV/4.1~8mA Pulse: 40kV~120kV/4.1~8mA
Photography Capacity
Maximum Rated Capacity 3.5kW 5kW
Tube Voltage & Current Combination 40kV~49kV   1 ~125mAs 40kV~49kV   1 ~180mAs
50kV~59kV   1 ~110mAs 50kV~59kV   1 ~140mAs
60kV~69kV   1 ~90 mAs 60kV~69kV   1 ~125 mAs
70kV~79kV   1 ~80 mAs 70kV~79kV   1 ~110mAs
80kV~89kV   1 ~71 mAs 80kV~89kV   1 ~100mAs
90kV~99kV   1 ~63 mAs 90kV~99kV   1 ~80 mAs
100kV~110kV 1 ~40 mAs 100kV~109kV 1 ~63 mAs
110kV~120kV 1 ~50 mAs
mAs 1~125mAs 1~180mAs
X-ray Tube
Focus (Fixed Anode) Small Focus: 0.3; Large Focus: 1.5
Inverter Frequency 40 kHz
SID 960mm
Anode Thermal Capacity 35kJ (47kHU)
Tube Thermal Capacity 460kJ (613kHU) 650kJ (867kHU)
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Video System
Image Intensifier 9″TOSHIBA  Image Intensifier
CCD Videocon Tube Imported Japanese 0.47 Mega Pixel Ultra Low-light 8 bit CCD (Original binding, WATEC)
CCU (central control) Recursive Filter: K=8,7 image storage,  upright image, overturned image, positive &  negative image, LIH (last Image Hold), and OSD (monitor display)
Workstation Yes No
Monitor 19″LCD Monitor (2 sets) Single 14″CRT attached to C-arm frame,   ±135° rotation
Directive Wheel ±90° rotation, instant rotational readjustments
Support Stand Vertical Travel 400mm
C-arm Forward Back Movement: 200mm
Revolution Around Horizontal Axis:  ±180°, Revolution Around Vertical Axis:  ±15°
Orbital Rotation: 120° (+90°~ -30°)


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