Extracorporeal Physical Vibration Lithecboler HK.VT-300



Extracorporeal Physical Vibration Lithecboler

An effective and fast lithecbole approach

HK.VT-300 Lithecboler from WIKKON

Why is VT300 a must?

To shorten the time of stones removal after lithotripsy, PCNL, etc.

To relieve the symptoms of acute renal colic caused by residual stones.

To be free from side effects of stones removal drugs.

To be more effective and efficient than traditional approaches


HK.VT-300 Lithecboler from WIKKON


  • Non-invasive
  • Much faster and effective than traditional approaches
  • Various vibration energy to choose
  • Joystick and touchscreen control for easy operation
  • Multiple treatment positions


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