About Medical Equipment Nigeria

Is well experienced in supplying equipment and other products needed in the medical and science world to the end users. We keep hospitals and other end users up to speed with good quality products and in turn, make them happy rendering medical services to the communities in West Africa. We are in partnership with the best manufacturers in all the different areas of medical practice.

www.medicalequipmentnig.com was born out of the desire to make technology users keep pace with the fast-moving business world. Every day, the pace of getting things done is changing to higher speed; process and procedures are going the way of light speed and so the same change in speed is needed to get the support for these activities. Medical services are not excluded from this changing world and so Medical Equipment NIG is providing this real-time support to everyone in this sector within the sub-region.

Our continual desire is to provide this speedy delivery of medical equipment, disposables, furniture, and home care products to the hospitals when and where they are needed has driven us to put in place a structure that fits your every day need. Our business policy is to be a total solution to all the segments of all types of hospitals and clinics in Nigeria and the sub-region. Partnering with all our manufacturers from different countries in the world, we provide products that include little disposables, tabletop equipment, doctor’s office tools/equipment, medical imaging, diagnostics and special highly automated machines for all your medical services in the hospitals, clinics and specialists centers.

We also have our engineering support team that is well equipped to provide you installation, maintenance and repair services.

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