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Air flow: 85 m3/hour, Covers up to 20 m2, Dimensions:  28.3×13.2×10.8cm, Energy use: 20 W, Weight:  3.4Kgs Portable.


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Medical equipment Nigeria is the foremost supplier of medical equipment and supplies in Nigeria, born out of the desire to make technology users keep pace with the fast-moving business world.

Novaerus infection control unit is designed for rapid remediation in large spaces and situations with a high risk of infection. Novaerus uses ultra-low energy patented atmospheric plasma discharge of the dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) type. The plasma discharge comprises electrons and ions that cause extensive damage to bacteria, viruses, molds, chemicals, gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen and dander.


  1. Operating Theatres
  2. Intensive Care Units
  3. Emergency Rooms
  4. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Labs
  5. Patient Wards
  6. Construction Zones
  7. Child Care
  8. Schools
  9. Senior Living Facilities


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