Hospital Crash Cart

a crash cart is stocked with emergency medical equipment, supplies, and drugs for use by medical personnel especially during efforts to resuscitate a patient in case of medical emergency.




  • Made of high-strength ABS material
  • One-piece ABS plastic top board with raised-edge design, covered transparent soft plastic glass.
  • With five drawers: two small size, two middle size and one big size, each inner with partitions which can be organized freely
  • One central lock or disposable seal for all drawers
  • With transfusion hooks on top and medical equipment holding board
  • ABS Medical Crash Cart with CPR Board for Patient with acute stroke
  • Pull-out silding typed writing shelf makes efficiency of space application
  • Four luxurious noiseless casters, two with brakes

Technical Specifications:

Model MST-ABS25
Material Strong ABS
Product Size 750X480X920mm
Layer No. 5 Layers
IV Pole 1 pc
Dust basket 2 pcs
Needle Disposal Holder 1 pc
File bin 1 set
Defibrillator shelf 1 set
Sliding side shelf 1 set
Power tank holder 1 set
Stainless steel guard rail 1 set
Transparent soft plastic glass 1 pc
Centralized lock 1 pc
Drawers  5 pcs
Luxurious noiseless casters 4 pcs
Package Size 780*520*1040mm


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