Anaesthesia Work Station with 2 vapourisers


Enhanced Monitor Integration capabilities. Light weight and compact for easy manoeuvrability. Optional integrated auxillary O2 flowmeter and suction control. Advanced Breathing System. One step-bag/vent turns the ventilator on/off. Minimal number of parts and tube connections reducing the potential for leaks and mis-connects. Fully autoclavable and latex free. Volume and Pressure mode ventilation with electronic PEEP. Exhaled volume, airway pressure and inspired oxygen monitoring. Direct access to ventilator parameter settings. Smart alarms direct user to specific problems and affected parameters. Pressure bar graph for visual reference on a breath-by-breath basis. Fresh gas flow compensation automatically available with tidal volume compensation option. Minimum O2 flow of 50mL. Dual air tubes standard for higher resloution of low flows.


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